What is the Spiral?

Reconciliation is both a beginning and an end.

Reconciliation is not simply a matter of apologizing and getting on with things. It is a waystation along a spiralling path that requires travellers to consider and act upon recognition, redress, response, reparation, restitution — and many other possibilities.

If you decide to walk along the spiralling route, you may descend into the unknowns of settler/Indigenous relationships and eventually return to what you thought was an end in itself: reconciliation. This site explores the spiral through writing and visual arts by both Indigenous people and settlers. It encourages people to dialogue with each other by pairing visual art with writing that explores the places along this constantly changing route.

About the editor

Photo credit: Ben Powless

I am Jennifer Dales, a writer and blogger living in Ottawa. For the past few years, I’ve been writing about the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and settlers in Canada. I’m inspired by Mohawk Elder Rarihokwats’ question, “why are you still settlers?”

My book and art reviews, as well as editorials, have appeared in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Arc Poetry Magazine, Rabble.ca and The Danforth Review. My poetry has appeared in several journals, including Prairie Fire and Arc. Follow me on Twitter or email me at marchwinds@hushmail.com